Hair straightening products

January 27, 2022

   With easy availability of variety of hair straightening products in the market, it has becomes really difficult to buy a good one the first time. With the cheap and fake ones available freely it a pre-requisite to do some market review about the good ones available and invest in them. Few of the best hair styling products are produced by Farouk Systems sold as CHI. It is one of the best selling hair irons around the world with maximum customer satisfaction.

   This iron is designed to smooth hair frizz, straighten curls and provide extra shine to hair. After having so many friends rave about it, I had to study and review it. The iron has built-in 1 inch ceramic plates which distribute and retain an even amount of heat and protect the hair for getting burnt. It also prevents damage to colored hair and styling product residue. The hair straightening lasts for almost a whole day and the hair looks naturally shiny. One of the best features of this iron is the swivel power cord which prevents it from getting tangled during usage. This feature is a life-saver! The iron takes very less time to heat up (around 6 to 8 seconds) and hence the process of hair straightening becomes very less time consuming. It comes with camouflaged switch placed towards the inner side of the handle which prevents any chance of switching off when in use. Also a very significant aspect of this product is that one can prevent skin burns due to the strategically placed heat paddles. With this iron one can achieve curls and waves very easily. The curls are very smooth and sleek and do not look like frizzy mess.

   So let us sum up all the things that I like about the iron.The heat up being less, I finish my hair straightening in less than 30 minutes.The effect stays for a day without any hair holding spray.I can create gorgeous curls using this. Not necessary to use a heat protectant at all. It does not dry or damage my hair. My hair becomes really silky and shiny. The entire frizz was gone. It feels as if I did my hair at an expensive salon! The swivel cord makes hair straightening easier as there is no tangling involved. The control settings are effective and easy to operate. One is very less prone to accidents while using this one. Highly durable. This product is easily available at local stores. But one has to be careful about the fake ones out in the market or online.

   And the things I dislike about the iron: It is quite a bit on the expensive side. But as I said, it is a worthy investment! It does not have an automatic switch-off button. One has to manually switch it off from the plug. One has to be really careful ordering it on the internet. There are a lot of fake ones and most of the sites offer very less warranty period.

   This iron makes hair straightening super fun!