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Hair Relaxer

January 27, 2022

   When you are choosing hair relaxer, you must take hair texture into consideration. Remember, hair texture will vary widely between ethnic groups, so there is no one size fit all when choosing a hair relaxer. You will need to get a full understanding of how chemical relaxers will process on the hair based on your texture. You will selection a hair relaxer by which will not be the most harmful on the hair.

   All black hair relaxers will have alkaline chemicals that will breakdown the hair molecules with sulfide and protein. Once the hair bonds are completely broken, it will refine itself into a smoother and sleek texture. You will need to part the hair in four wide selections so that the chemicals can absorb the hair slowly. Mild black hair relaxer will process the slowest and regular hair relaxer will process slightly faster. Super relaxer will absorb in the hair and process the fastest. You must be careful with any hair strength relaxer for the potential risk of a chemical burn. Most kits will include protective gel for the skin. You can also apply vaseline on the skin for protection. Prior to relaxing the hair, do a strand and allergy test 48 hours in advance. The strand test will help determine your correct processing time. The allergy test will determine if you have any skin reactions to the chemicals.

   You will go through a neutralizing phase of the hair relaxing process. The hair proteins will need to re-bonded by using the hair shampoo that is included in the relaxer kit. You will now have a new permanent hair texture. The sulfide will bond the hair and give it elasticity and strength. It is not usually to have some hair loss after the chemical process. People with black hair textures must be cautious not to over process the hair which can cause further damage.

   You can find three important ingredients in black hair relaxers such as sodium hydroxide, guanidine hydroxide and ammonion thioglycholate. The most damaging ingredient is sodium hydroxide is also known as lye. It is associated with causing the most damage to black hair. Ammonium and guanidine hydroxide are the no lye ingredients in hair relaxer. It is viewed as a milder chemical on the hair. All hair relaxers can be damaging to the hair if they are misused.

   Many professional hair dressers will examine the hair and untreated roots before determining the right relaxer to use on your texture. The curl and texture will determine the complete processing time. Processing time will also depend on how much of the hair need to be relaxed. Touch ups of the hair roots will process a lot quicker than a full head of hair that is untreated. Never go over the recommended relaxer time in the instructions.

   Many black women are very comfortable with relaxing their own hair at home. People that are not used to applying relaxers on the hair should go to a professional hairdresser. Once the hair is relaxed, you must not re-wet it for at least one week.

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