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Hair curling wand

January 27, 2022
   We all want to look our best, and in a market flooded with hair care products and reviews, it can be almost impossible to know which items to buy.

Having bought, tried and tested countless products over the years, I've finally found a hair curling wand to be proud of; the Hot Tools Professional 1181 Curling Iron.

   I ordered the wand off of Amazon, after my previous curling iron gave out on me; I had already bought a Hot Tools Professional Dryer, and it was obvious from the outset that the 'Professional' label on both of these products was a claim to be believed. Hot Tools are famous for their quality, with a range of award-winning products available to buy. Out of the box, the first thing to strike me was the 'jumbo' size of the curling wand itself - at a whole inch in circumference, the wand is great for making all-sorts of glamorous curls. This, coupled with its 'fast-heat' setting meant I was able to plug it in and curl brilliantly, all within a couple of minutes. As a result, this hair curling wand is brilliant for even the thickest, unruliest hair types. Unlike my previous curling wand, this product even comes complete with two spare springs, great for people like me, who use their wand everyday. Another blessing with this product is how long the curls stay in for - instead of having to reuse it several times a day to keep my curls tight and glossy, I can use the wand once in the morning, and they last me long into the night. For those of us with a busy schedule, the Hot Tools hair curling wand also has a switch to memorize your favorite heat-setting. This can be brilliant on a busy morning; I just flick it on, heat it up and leave the house, safe in the knowledge that my hair always looks how I want it to. After breaking my last hair curling wand by accidentally snapping the cable, its a relief to note that Hot Tools have made sure to include an extra heavy-duty cord for the plug. Generally, the whole item is extremely well constructed, but without being too bulky. I have very small hands, and I can hold and use this curling wand comfortably.

   It's important to be careful when using this wand - I made the mistake of picking it up by the barrel just after I'd plugged it in - and this hair curling wand gets very hot, very quickly! Great for smooth, shiny curls, but remember to be careful! I ordered this product from Amazon, but you can buy it from most large retail outlets. It took a few days to arrive, so maybe if I were to buy it again, I'd drive down to the store and pick it up myself. Overall, I am extremely pleased with my Hot Tools Professional Curling Wand - as someone with a lot of experience with bad hair curling wands, I've found one I plan to keep using for a very long time!

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