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Clipless curling iron

January 27, 2022
   Every girl wants to look pretty for those special occasions and the Hot Tools Professional 1181 clipless curling iron is a fantastic tool to help her look fantastic.

No matter your hair type this curling iron can make terrific looking curls for you. The 24K gold-plated barrel and extra-long cool tip gives comfort as you curl your hair. The heavy duty round 8 ft. swivel cord and soft-grip handle gives the user added comfort as well as durability. The separate on-off switch actually memorizes your favorite heat setting saving you valuable time. If you order this curling iron you won't be sorry.

   Other than the heating element, the handle is the second most important feature of any curling iron. The handle on the 1181 clipless iron is very easy to hold which makes maneuvering the iron easy. Unlike other irons that can burn your fingers the Professional 1181 clipless curling iron never burns fingers as you style your hair. Those submitting a review for this product often comment about how nice the handle is to use.

   This curling iron allows the user to make tighter curls even the hair is long or course. Individuals with hair that is hard to curl will soon discover that hair is no match for this clipless curling iron because it works great no matter how stubborn your hair tends to be when it comes to accepting a curl. Search for a review on this product and you will see that users have the same great results.

   The Hot Tools products are known for durability and long-lasting performance. Girls won't be disappointed with how well this curling iron makes curls and will continue to enjoy their curling experiences for years. If you have ever experienced bad hair after curling with other irons you will love the results you receive with the 1181 clipless curling iron. You can see results in as little as 30 minutes and amazingly your curls may even look good after sleeping on them! Users appreciate the results as they achieve soft, shiny, bouncy curls time after time.

- Curls even stubborn hard to curl hair
- Create impressive curled styles in 30 minutes
- Great results without burning finger thanks to the cool tip
- Separate on-off switch that memorizes your favorite heat setting
- Easy to hold handle
- Durability, you won't have to buy another curling iron for a long time
- Negative Possibilities:
- May not suit international travel because of electrical outlet differences so be aware if you intend to curl your hair while traveling
- Can get extremely HOT so it is possible to fry your hair if not careful

If you are looking for a great clipless curling iron this is the one to buy because it gives great curling results without burning your fingers in the process. It heats up fast and remembers your favorite heat setting. It lasts for a long time so you won't need to buy another curling iron for years. Family members with different types of hair can all use the same curling iron if that iron is the Hot Tools Professional 1181 clip less curling iron.

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