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Chi curling iron

December 4, 2021

   A user who has been using the chi curling iron for a while might want to take a look at other options to transform their hair style. Among all the available curling irons in the market, the Hot Tools range of curling irons are one that a user might just be tempted to look at for a lot of good reasons. The Hot Tools range of curling irons are a worthy competitor of the chi curling iron range and the Hot Tools Professional 1181 Curling Iron is specifically one that needs some mention.
   The most striking design feature of this curling iron is the 24K Gold plated barrel. It also comes with a soft grip feature which ensures that the product is easy to handle and maneuver when working with your hair. The extra long cool tip prevents any accidental exposure of the hot barrel of the iron with the skin of the head and therefore prevent burning.
   The Hot Tools Professional 1181 Curling Iron is known for its fast heating mechanism and the extra heat that it generates. While it is extremely suitable for hair styling which needs that extra heat, for brittle or dry or damaged hair, this could pose a major problem if not handled carefully. The heating mechanism is well designed which ensures a longer life for the curling iron and a more stable performance.
   The 8 ft heavy duty power cord allow users who have the power source far away from the dressing table, to conveniently use it. Some users have however complained that the swiveling power cord of the curling iron comes with a flawed design. When the cord wiggles too much the curling iron is supplied with intermittent power. This is quite problematic when you need to put on a hair do in a hurry and the wiggling cord stops the curling iron from working properly.
   The Hot Tools Professional 1181 comes with a built-in rheostat control device which allows the user to control the heat level. For hair which is brittle and damaged this is an important feature to have compared to other curling irons which have no built in heat level controller.
   The 1181 is extremely power efficient. At 85 watts and for all the features that it provides, this is a great way to ensure that the over all power consumption is very low. The curling iron also comes with a number of other important features which makes it a truly green product. It has a built in switch on/off button which allows it to be turned off when it has reached the desired temperature. This allows an instant saving of power. Plus the patented pulse technology allows the curling iron to stay hot for longer duration after reaching the optimum temperature.
   The Hot Tools Professional 1181 Curling Iron comes with a foldaway safety stand which ensures an easy storing of the product when not in use. Over all users have had good experiences with the product and barring a few minor hiccups have enjoyed styling their hair with this curling iron.

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